A fact about a ruru

Every second Tuesday our class gets the CRT team and this week we got Jude and last term we also got Jude last term we were writing kahoot questions about birds and add all the questions up and play a kahoot today we played a kahoot and i learnt a fact about a ruru they can move there head 270 degrees

My Geometry Scratch Transformations

This term we have been studying Geometry and My buddy was Tobias-John. For geometry I have been learning about How to dilate rotate and reflect For my first scratch code I used a penguin and rotated 90 degrees clockwise. next I translated it 120 steps and made it dilate 50%. My scratch code was easy I had to reflect my sprite a penguin vertically and horizontally. I put some sound in my scratch project to tell you what im doing.

Have you ever been on scratch?

Blog Replies



kia ora bloggers this week I have been learing about blog replies.

neighbourhood Clean up term 2

neighbourhood Clean up 


We headed off walking down the path to the park. We walked around the park down Richard’s Track and past the Scout Hall. We found lots and lots of very gross and disgusting plastic, bottles and cans. We realized it was World Ocean Day, June the 8th. Most of the rubbish we found was near the park.

There was a rubbish bin at the park but it was empty. Liz came with us.

Maybe next time we could clean the beach, because if their is plastic on the beach we don’t want the plastic to go in the ocean.